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Trinidad Dinner Recipes

Trinidad Dinner Recipes

10 best dishes from trinidad. Cook for 30 to 40 minutes and season the dish with salt to taste.

Trinidadian Doubles

Trini cooking at its best.

Trinidad dinner recipes. These moorish delicacies originate from latin american countries including trinidad puerto rico and the dominican republic. Potato roti recipe roti filled with curried potato. Roti west indian bread.

Peas rice a delicious one pot meal that is often referred to as trinidads national dishthis dish is made up of peasrice carrots and meats like chicken or pig tail. Black cake also known as rum cake and fruit cake is a christmas specialty in trinidad. Trinidadian pasteles are small cornmeal pies stuffed with meat fish or vegetables.

Step by step trinidad recipes with vivid pictures flavoured with musings tips and. Chokha also comes in the tomato variety red with okra a popular trini veggie in the background. Visit us today.

Its much more fun together. They are now widely found throughout the caribbean around christmas time although the recipe differs from region to region. Trinidad pelau recipe trinidad food trinidad and tobago jamaican recipes cuban recipes indian food recipes sweet recipes ethnic recipes caribbean recipes chicken pelau pela is a very popular one pot dish in trinidad and tobago and its this countrys version of a pilaf.

Pan fried fillet of fish with passion sauce. Add the onion chile plantain tomatoes and worcestershire sauce to the pan and stir. Smoky fire roasted eggplant mashed with browned bits of onion pepper and garlic green.

Add in the reserved marinade and reduce the heat to medium. They are flavoured with herbs raisins olives and capers. Better than baba ghanoush.

Pour in the chicken stock and bring the ingredients to a boil. Trinidad style curried potatoes aloo with green beans and shrimp. Our top traditional cuban recipes here hot chilies are eschewed in favor of milder spices like cumin oregano and bay leaves.

Turn off the heat. For a true trini christmas experience hops and ham with some chow chow is a must. Trinidad pelau recipe trinidad food recipe from trinidad trinidad and tobago trinidadian recipes carribean food caribbean recipes national dish jamaican recipes trinidad pelau.

Meats pork and beef slow simmer in spanish sofrito sauces. Cooking up exquisite african caribbean southern flavors with a flavorful twist you can too. The secret to making a good black cake is soaking the fruits in wine or alcohol beforehand.

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